How many person here can't pronounce English as well???

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you...

Three articles in same day. It's my new record and if not because of assignment, I think I will never make my own record.

How many person here can't pronounce English as well? Sincerely, even I was a KUIS taaruf facilitator as international bureau but I can't speak or pronounce English very well.

This video will show you Bulgarian's Valentina Hassan try to sing a song "Without You" from Mariah Carey in audition of Music Idol Reality Show.

The moral value is English is very important to us to communicate especially in globalization era like now because everyone knows English is global language among other languages.Not only to sing a song and know the meaning of lyrics, but if you can't pronounce properly, it will be problem to you when you make a transaction or discussion with foreigner especially we are in international knowledge institution and some if we pronounce the words become wrong,it can change the meaning of the words

Because phonetics knowledge it's very important thing but we always CARELESS about it.


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