My plan in 5 years after this : An analysis

nie-zarm thinking his plan in 5 years

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you to all visitors.

What the kind of title? Sometimes it's very complicated to share our future to public especially in blog because our blog will be visited by all internet users around the world. But it's ok to share it because we will do it because it's like declaration to all audiens.

Ok, back to our main topic. I don't know my future will be same with somebody here or not, but hopefully it's will be different.

My first target is I want to complete my diploma in Selangor International Islamic Universiti College (SIIUC) as a first class diploma in two years. First class diploma? Yes, I was wrote it and I don't want to erase it anymore because I believe I can do it. If I refer to my pointer in 2 semester ago, I got 3.68 in semester one and I got 3.64 in semester two and I want make it better in this semester and also next 3 semesters.

Ok, but in the same time I want to be a student leader in SIIUC and I like to join any students' associations as long as I can survive and balance between study and associations. Why I must join associations? Because it's valuable knowledges to myself especially to know the management stuff and we can apply it in our occupation and career. Hopefully in semester four I'll try to be a candidate of SIIUC Campus Election

Before Graduation Ceremony, I would like to get an any part time occupation, whatever occupation available in market by hook or by crook, even as a City Hall's cleaner because I don't want somebody who labled me as jobless or who elect the job. City Hall's cleaner it's noble occupation, they don't steal the money or make a corruption but clean the road and clean the city.

After Graduation Ceremony, I will continue my study in Bachelor of Politic Science or Bachelor of Communication in overseas if I get scholarship. That's why I want to get first class diploma to make it comes true because if I get first class diploma, my application of scholarship will be able easier than who get second class diploma. We are in the world of competition and if we lost the position, we will never get it in the future.

I think that's all for my plan in 5 years after this. To all visitors, please support me as long as I still in true track, if I lost from my target, please admonite me to make me back on track again.


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