Ip Man II...the best film...

Assalamualaikum and good day hopefully...
Ip Man II is the film based on Yip Man's life after Hong Kong was colonized by Great Britain. In Ip Man 1, he is the richman and the Chinese Boxing or Kung Fu. But after Hong Kong colonized by Britain, his life is very complicated, his life became poor. So, he's solution is open the Kung Fu school but unregistered by Hong Kong Kung Fu Organization. Eventhough his school not registered, but his disciples still want to learn Kung Fu. The conflict was began when the Headmaster of Hong Kong Kung Fu Organization fought with "The Twister" and he was died in that match. After that "The Twister" open for any challenger to fight with him. Yip Man volunteered to fight with him. So the competition between Boxing and Kung Fu, between West and East and between ego and dignity. At last Yip Man can beat "The Twister". However, Yip Man told the audiens to respect each other because dont have any different between Boxing or Kung Fu.


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