Who want to try the new recipe?

it's very delicious...

Another way of treating my rice more ... suitable for young children who do not want to eat rice ...
Ingredients (8 mini pieces)
• 2 cups cooked rice
• * carot 50gm
• * 50gm celary
• * vegetables can be replaced with a favorite vegetable ...
50gm chedar cheese • - cut into small pieces
• 1st eggs - to spread on mini burgers
• 1 teaspoon MAGGI seasoning (follow love)
• adequate salt

how to make it? Let's do it...

1.Wash vegetables and small pieces and then put in a bowl filled with rice and cheese. Combine all ingredients and put enough peras

2.Sign in food processor and let all the material well - if there is no food processor can use a dry blender or any way to Blend all the ingredients.

3.Take some dough and circle and pressed flat

4.Rub the egg mixture and cooked mini burgers on the pan that has been rubbed with oil / butter

5.Cook until crispy and the second part may be served with bread or eat so only with your favorite sauce ...

only five easy step to do it...


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